One-to-One Discipleship

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One-to-One Discipleship

Transform Lives with Small Circle: A One-to-One Discipleship Journey

At 360 Church, we believe in the power of personal discipleship to transform lives. We are excited to introduce Small Circle, a one-to-one discipleship tool that brings biblical principles to life in a uniquely effective and personal way.

Rooted in Scripture, Tailored for You

Small Circle is inspired by the biblical model of discipleship. From Moses and Joshua to Paul and Timothy, Scripture is filled with examples of one-on-one mentorship. This tool takes these timeless principles and applies them to our modern context, allowing for deep, personalized spiritual growth.

Tools for Every Step

The Small Circle program includes accessible, user-friendly tools like a free mobile app and comprehensive workbooks. These resources are designed for flexibility to meet you where you are in your spiritual journey, ensuring that every lesson is relevant and impactful.

Learning by Doing

Small Circle’s unique approach includes practical “Lab” exercises that bring lessons to life. This hands-on method ensures that the teachings of Jesus aren’t just heard but are truly experienced and integrated into daily life.

A Global Community

Join a worldwide movement. Small Circle is used in over 65 countries and available in over 40 languages, making it a truly global tool for discipleship. Be part of a diverse and growing family dedicated to spiritual growth and mentorship. To learn more about the global impact visit

The Journey Awaits

Embrace a method of discipleship that is as effective as it is transformative. With Small Circle, watch as disciples become mentors in a cycle of spiritual growth that benefits the individual, our church, and the broader community.

If you would like for someone to contact you directly so we can help you on this discipleship journey please let us know.

What is One-to-One Discipleship?

In one-to-one discipleship, the disciplemaker serves as a guide and role model, helping the disciple navigate their spiritual journey. This approach emphasizes the importance of walking alongside each other, sharing experiences, and learning from one another.

The key aspects of one-to-one discipleship include:

  1. Relationship-focused: The foundation of one-to-one discipleship is the strong bond between the disciplemaker and disciple, which allows for open communication, trust, and vulnerability.

  2. Customized learning: Disciplemakers tailor their guidance and support to meet the unique needs and spiritual growth stages of each disciple, ensuring a personalized approach.

  3. Spiritual disciplines: Disciplemakers help disciples develop essential spiritual disciplines, such as prayer, Bible study, and memorization, to deepen their relationship with God.

  4. Accountability and support: Disciplemakers provide ongoing encouragement, accountability, and support to help disciples stay committed to their spiritual growth.

  5. Multiplication mindset: One-to-one discipleship instills a mindset of multiplication, encouraging disciples to eventually become disciplemakers themselves and invest in others’ spiritual growth.

By embracing this philosophy of one-to-one discipleship, individuals can experience transformative spiritual growth and develop strong relationships with fellow believers, ultimately advancing the kingdom of Christ.


Real Stories, Real Impact

We’ve seen incredible transformations through Small Circle. Members of our church, just like you, have deepened their faith and become mentors themselves. These stories of change aren’t just inspiring—they’re a testament to the power of personal discipleship.

Get the tools...

  • download the mobile app by visiting the app store and searching for “smallcircle”
  • visit
  • stop by Guest Services in the back lobby after Sunday morning services

Have Questions?

Getting started with Small Circle is easiest and best if we can personally connect with you and help you start your journey. You can also get complete free access to the tools right now by any of the following methods…
  • download the app free of charge from your mobile phones apps store
  • stop by the church office or visit the lobby here at 360 Church and view/purchase a printed copy of the materials
  • download the full PDFs yourself and print at home
Whether you’re new to faith or seeking deeper growth, our Groups and Discipleship Team are here to guide you.If you have additional questions, please email our Groups and Discipleship Team at  [email protected] or click the button below.

One-to-One Discipleship Team