Discover Class

25 Aug, Sunday
17 Nov, Sunday

Discover Class

...a unique journey where you're not just learning about 360 Church, but also discovering how to make a real difference with your life.

In this class, you’ll dive into the story and vision of 360, uncover the essence of being a partner, and explore the myriad ways you can contribute to a community that values seeing, hearing, and knowing each other.

Who Is This For? This class is ideal for individuals or families who are new to 360 Church or those who have been part of our community but are now ready to deepen their involvement. Whether you’ve been on the fringes or are just stepping in, Discover Class is your gateway to a more engaged spiritual journey.

Class Experience Held on Sunday mornings concurrent with our worship services, Discover Class offers a convenient opportunity for learning and engagement, without worrying about childcare. While you’re discovering your path, your children can enjoy their own place of learning and fun.

Your Guides on This Journey

  • Eric Williams, Executive Pastor
  • Pam Carter, Groups and Discipleship Coordinator

Eric and Pam bring a wealth of experience and a deep passion for discipleship and community building. They are excited to lead you through this transformative experience.

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Our Vision At 360 Church, we strive to create a culture where relational intentionality is at the forefront. Our vision is to see, hear, and know the people God places in our paths and replicate this culture from our corner to the corners of the world. In Discover Class, we embody our core values: Simplicity, Replication, Courage with Humility, and Relational Intentionality. Join us in this journey of discovery and impact.

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