Life change happens in the context of relationships.

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A place to be Heard.

Groups are the perfect setting where we can listen to each other and be heard. This is where we are able to move beyond the across-the-path conversations we typically have on Sunday mornings. Groups provide the advantage of proximity where we are in a closer setting and get to talk across-the-room. We are learning for sure, but we are primarily learning from one another and listening to one another.

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Connect Groups

Connect Groups at 360 Church are our main type of mid-circle groups, where you’ll find your voice is truly heard. Meeting every other week during a spring and fall semester, these gatherings provide a warm, welcoming environment for community building and deepening relationships. But it’s more than just camaraderie – it’s about spiritual growth. Our Connect Groups offer an opportunity to delve deeper into the Sunday morning message, to explore its relevance to your life, and to learn from others’ perspectives. These gatherings are spaces of open dialogue, where each member’s voice matters, making you feel truly connected to your church family.

Care & Support Groups

Life can sometimes present us with difficult transitions and challenges, from grief and loss to the upheaval of a divorce and more. It’s in these moments that Support/Care Groups at 360 Church come into their own. While fewer in number than our Connect Groups, their impact is substantial. These groups offer a safe space where you can share, listen, and navigate life’s tougher moments, all within a caring and supportive community. We tackle a range of topics, each one designed to help you navigate through specific challenges. The common thread? You’re not alone. Regardless of the topic, our Support/Care Groups assure you that there’s a community here at 360 Church ready to walk alongside you, providing unwavering support and understanding at every turn.

New to Groups?

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Frequently Asked Questions

At their core, Connect Groups are small gatherings of people ranging in size from 5 to no more than 15 people. By participating in Connect Groups, you can expect to connect with others through a common activity, through engaging in life-giving conversation around Sunday’s Conversation Questions, and through spending time praying and supporting each other.

Our Connect Groups meet every other week. This schedule is designed to provide a balance between group meetings, serving in the church and in the community, and personal one-to-one discipleship.

Connect Groups meet at the church, homes, parks, restaurants, and other various places throughout Sarasota and surrounding areas.

The bi-weekly meeting schedule is intentional. It allows our group members ample opportunity to engage in community  and participate in SmallCircle, our one-to-one discipleship ministry. We believe in fostering a well-rounded spiritual life that includes group fellowship, serving others, and personal spiritual growth.

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage participation in both. SmallCircle offers one-to-one discipleship, which complements the group dynamic of Connect Groups. The every-other-week meeting schedule for Connect Groups is specifically designed to allow time for such engagement.

Most Connect Groups meet for a semester. This way, new people can join groups easily and regularly. Also, the semester format allows you to try different groups during the year. As relationships form, some groups choose to stay together for consecutive semesters, but new members are always welcome if there is room at the host location.

The truth is, not everyone will find the best fit with the first group they try. That’s why we encourage you to select a few groups that interest you, contact the leaders, and try a couple different groups before choosing the best one for you. The simple strategy to finding success in Connect Groups is to not give up. We believe there is a group that is right for everyone—including you!

We’re here to help! If you still have questions about our Groups, please send us an email at [email protected] or stop by Guest Services in the back lobby after one of our Sunday services.

Groups & Discipleship Team

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